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For any problem you MUST use the search first: Search function

Only if there is currently no solution to the problem, a new thread may be created.

When describing the problem, following informations are required:

  • 1. Concrete description of the problem: What is the exact problem? Can you reproduce the error? What are the settings you used?
  • 2. You have to inform about installed versions: Joomla!, my extension, PHP, MySQL, other extensions you have in use.
  • 3. Link to the problem on your page (this point does not apply to a local installation)
  • 4. Do not post login data. These can be sent ONLY on request!


If the versions in use are outdated, you have to update them first. Only if the problem persists in the current versions, you should post your question. I will not provide support for old versions of Joomla! or extensions!


Your question at the forum does not imply that I will do the work for you! You will only receive support for my own extensions if they really do not function as advertised. I will not make individual changes or adjustments. Such requests will not be answered and, if necessary, deleted!

Thank you for accepting the forum rules!

If you do not apply to the mentioned points, I will do as advised: Delete or ignore the postings.

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