Goodbye Joomla!

First of all I want to say 'Thank you!' to all my supporters, customers and all people who have used my extensions! Thanks for the motivation to work on these projects. It made a lot of fun and gave me a lot of knowledge which I wouldn't have learned without you. Furthermore I made my first steps in the World Wide Web and experienced how fast a small idea can grow. I really loved the work and I hope that you enjoyed my extensions. Thank you for the past five years! :)

Unfortunately I’m unable to continue my work with Joomla and this community. Since mid-2014 I started missing some emails or forum posts and I slowly realized that I can’t keep up the energy that I invested in the first years of I’m very sorry for all the emails I didn’t respond/read in the past time. Some people have really invested time and effort to send me detailed bug reports and project plans but most of them were lost in all the annoying emails of people who failed to read the forum. Also, I've started my studies in computer science which kept stressing me more than I thought. I know that it is no excuse that I stopped responding to emails but I hope that some of you are able to understand my situation.

As it goes I kept pushing the decision further and further and I hoped that I will, someday, continue my work. Today, I decided to officially close this section of my life and I need to say ‘Goodbye Joomla!’.

Best Regards and many thanks for your trust!
Johannes Meßmer

jVoteSystem 2.50: Major Update

Finally! After months of development I've published the new version 2.5. The release comes with a lot of new features and improvements! A simple changelog is attached below, I hope you will like the new features!

  • Custom colors for answers
  • Template for picture vote (Upload & Resize)
  • AJAX-Search for answers
  • Integration of social networks (bar for Facebook, Google+ & Twitter; sharebutton for answers)
  • Log-System to help manage (with graphical user interface)
  • Tasks-System (fast moderation of polls/answers/comment & spam-reports)
  • Speed optimizations (improved AJAX-Requests; caching for tooltips & lists)
  • Simple export feature for polls (Excel, csv)
  • API (PHP for Joomla-Developer & JSON for partner sites and software programs - documentation available soon)
  • Sort polls by popularity (special algorithm)
  • joomessLibrary Plugin (al lot of global functions and intelligent caching system for JS & CSS)
  • Many small improvements and bug fixes
  • Votebutton which can be inserted in articles

Note: This is the last release which has support for Joomla 1.5! All future versions are only available for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.*! {jvotesystem poll=|83| template=|easyquestion|}

As I implemented an simple API, the next step is to develop some modules, plugins for jVoteSystem and other components. I will publish the modules from time to time and you will find them on the jVoteSystem download page. Follow my Google+ Page to stay up to date!

{jvotesystem poll=|84|}

If you like the new version and the extensions, a personal review in the JED would be great! The extension needs to get to the top again and I need your help to get back to the first place! Thanks a lot! :)

Good luck with jVoteSystem!
Best Regards,
Johannes Meßmer

jVoteSystem 1.13: Templates & new features

With the new update 1.13 for jVoteSystem are coming templates and new important basic functions. The new template "small blue" is just the beginning. There is still a complete environment in the backend planned to allow a simple graphical integration into your personal website.


  • fixed Flash error
  • added some templates
  • "Thank You"-Dialog after voting
  • Polls can now be sorted
  • Results can now only after the vote, after a certain date or never be displayed
  • Dialogs are now loaded correctly in all templates
  • Author of answer can now be hidden
  • Chart can now be loaded automatically after the vote
  • Dutch language file added (Thanks to
  • French language file added (Thanks to Frederic)

{jvotesystem poll=|7|}

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