Survey: Would you pay for jVoteSystem?

In about 2 weeks I will publish a major update for jVoteSystem!
It will include many new features:

  • Images, Youtube and Sound Cloud
  • BBCode
  • "Report Spam" feature
  • Email System
  • completely redesigned administration area
  • Integration in forums and other Extensions
  • jQuery slide effects
  • graphical analysis (charts)
  • many more features added and bugs fixed

Now I would like to know what you think: Would you pay money for the new version? If many would be willing to pay money, I will insert in the upcoming version also support for Joomla 1.6. jVoteSystem is and will remain free! The survey will not change this! It will give perhaps only a pro-version (for example, without copyright link). Please tell me your opinion!

{jvotesystem poll=|3|}

Thank you for your vote and Have Fun with jVoteSystem!

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